Monday, August 4, 2014

Having difficulties with Microsoft Support or Billing?

As we begin the road as a Microsoft Partner, we thought we would create an Office 365 Trial account to see the process a potential customer would go through when registering for support.  This is what we found.  names have been changed to protect Microsoft Employees.

Scenario 1: Buying an Office 365 subscription ourselves

We started a small business trial for 2 users.  At the same time we spoke to Dynamics CRM Support regarding a Dynamics CRM license of which we were informed we could only by 5 or more licenses.  They also told us that we would need to get Midsize Business rather than Small Business to support single sign on.

We spoke to a professional support rep whom walked us through activating Small Business and then Upgrading to Midsize Business.  As it was the same day it should not charge our credit card, but it did for both.

Called billing support in which a rep told us they do not issue refunds only credits.  Escalated to a manager who told me they could request but not sure if they would process it.  He kind of sounded like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.  

However it did process and I got an email saying it would.  Eventually the problem worked out and they applied the right stuff.

Scenario 2: Potentially Buying one for a client

I continued on to create a trial membership for a potential client for office 365 and attempted to use the automated GoDaddy wizard to direct their domain to the Sharepoint instance.  The wizard said it worked but the domain did not transfer.  I logged into GoDaddy and it still had the same settings.  I called Microsoft support and asked for the naming server so I could manually set it up.  Oh we cannot give you that.  I escalated to a manger whom wanted to do a screen share.  I told him no, I know the issue that GoDaddy did not get the naming server changes.  Please give me the naming servers.  You must be an admin on the account.  Ok so he walks me through that then wants to share screen again to diagnose the problem.  No give me the naming servers.  Ok I will email you the link to them. Email does not arrive so he helps me navigate through the help to the spot the naming servers exist.  Had only he given me those instructions at the beginning my problem would have been solved in 5 minutes instead of 2 hours later.

Next Scenarios are up to you

Ok I have started it off.  If you have any issues with support or billing please email them to me at and we will anonymously post them here.